Our origin, passion & philosophy

How did Tectonics originate?

Tectonics is a family-ran company and was established over 30 years ago. Some of our team have been with the company since its origin. A foundation of shared values and a passion for detail are what defines the company. As the company has developed over time, so has the professionalism of the staff and the scale and quality of projects.

The passion behind Tectonics...

At Tectonics, we are driven by constant pursuit of excellence. We love being a part of magical residential transformation journeys, watching houses turn to homes is incredible. Developing retail sites to exceed their ambitious plans is quite often breathtaking. We love the process, journey and the joy we get to share with our clients.

The team behind the construction...

The Tectonics team is composed of craftsmen who take pride in their work, always striving for excellence. We insist all site staff obtain further qualifications than required, to ensure work is complete to the highest quality. The Tectonics team is a family and sites always have a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

The Tectonics Philosophy?

In architectural terms, 'tectonics' is defined as 'the science or art of construction, both in relation to use and artistic design'. In the modern day, artistic design is so commonly neglected in buildings, but we still believe it's as important as functionality. There's nothing more magical than seeing buildings transform into art.

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